Spit Roast and Auction Night

A great night with great food and great auctioneering by the likes of Rob Groen, Richard Gray and Peter O’Neil with generous contributions all round.   Fortunately all photos have been censored!   What happens at the Worlds stays at the Worlds!


Footnfotos – Great action Shots at Barefoot Worlds

You can have a look at some great action shots taken by Stuart Fafeita of Footnfotos – click on Footnfotos and enjoy!   Keep up the good work Stuart.

Seniors have fun! Photos

The following photos were taken of competitors in the Senior Men/Women’s Tricks semis:

Junior Results

OK based on results posted as at the end of day 2:

Boys Slalom:

1. Heinrich Sam (RSA) 19.6

2. Pascal Bauwens (RSA) 15.0

3. John Pressendo (USA) 14.8

4. Mitch Groen (NZL) 14.8

5. Ben Groen (NZL) 14.4

Girls Slalom:

1. Ashleigh Stebbeings (Aus) 14.4

2. Megan Roberts (Aus) 10.8

3. Shannon Heller (USA) 10.6

4. Katie Godfrey (CAN) 9.1

5. Caitlyn Rowland (CAN) 8.0

Girls Tricks:

1. Samantha Payne (AUS) 1960

2. Megan Roberts (AUS) 1560

3. Ariana Koehler (USA) 1550

4. Shannon Heller (USA) 1510

4. Caitlyn Rowland (CAN) 1510

Girls Jump:

1. Ashleigh Stebbeings (AUS) 14.4

2. Lize-Mari Verster (RSA) 9.5

3. Shannon Heller (USA) 9.4

4. Courtney McDonald (AUS)* 8.8

5. Sarah Linton (NZL) 8.7

First Day Open Slalom

The first round results in Open Slalom Men/Women (top 5 only) were as follows:


1. Keith St Onge (USA) 19.9

2. David Small (GBR) 19.8

3. Heinrich Sam (RSA0 19.6

4. Billy Brzoza (USA) 18.0

5. Peter O’Neil (AUS) 17.2


1. Ashleigh Stebbeings (AUS) 14.2

2. Svenja Hempleman (GER) 13.0

3. Elaine Heller (USA) 13.0

4. Emily Goldie (GBR) 12.5

5. Shannon Heller (USA) 11.6

Video footage hopefully follows:

Opening Ceremony

Texas Hold’em Poker

Judging by the stuff on Facebook, this looks likely to be the game of the Championships so hopefully I can find one of those “for Dummies” books at the airport.   While on the subject of Texas, it will be great to catch up with my Texas fridsc_3568_edited1ends on the US team, one of whom is the gorgeous  Andrea Eggert .     Also in the US Senior squad is the Florida based Mike Holt fresh back from a wetsuit modelling assignment.worlds-2006-1711