First Day Open Slalom

The first round results in Open Slalom Men/Women (top 5 only) were as follows:


1. Keith St Onge (USA) 19.9

2. David Small (GBR) 19.8

3. Heinrich Sam (RSA0 19.6

4. Billy Brzoza (USA) 18.0

5. Peter O’Neil (AUS) 17.2


1. Ashleigh Stebbeings (AUS) 14.2

2. Svenja Hempleman (GER) 13.0

3. Elaine Heller (USA) 13.0

4. Emily Goldie (GBR) 12.5

5. Shannon Heller (USA) 11.6

Video footage hopefully follows:

9 responses to “First Day Open Slalom

  1. Come on the brits!!!! quality first round scores.

  2. Thanks for posting results keep them coming. With a slalom score like that for David, my money is on him to win the overall.

  3. Thanks for posting the results. How about dat Small. My buddy is im sure is turning heads. Go Small

  4. Hi Ian ,any chance for some results of the juniors? this appears to be the only site to give some results fantastic we feel verry leftout otherwise


  5. Nicola Holmes

    Go GB 🙂 xXx

  6. Will post some Junior and Senior scores in a bit.

  7. Im sitting in OZ sweating onthe results and footage…..keep it coming LEGEND.

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  9. Good work with the vid action Ian! keep the good scores roling in Britts!!!

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