GB Open Team Interviews

Dave Small (2 times World Champion) and Emily Goldie (2 times European Champion) were recently interviewed for Barefoot Central at their Florida training camp by Mike Salber, lead skier in the USA Senior Team and a favourite for a gold medal in New Zealand. To see the interviews click on GB Open Team Interviews.

Pommyfooter is about to get on the big bird to New Zealand so there will be a short break in coverage.   He’s packed his shades, strides and thongs and will pick up the tinnies when he arrives on site!   His main ambition for 2009 is to crush Geoff Davis at Texas Hold’em Poker!


4 responses to “GB Open Team Interviews

  1. Hey Pommyfooter – Congratulations on continuing to make this site an excellent read. I love it.

    Just about to get on the big bird myself so looking forward to seeing you very soon. Em, Dave and Paul Skyped me this evening from base camp and all is well.

    I trust the shampoo was to your liking during your flight and that BA stocks have been replenished for my sortie across the planet.

    See you soon.


  2. Gam
    Gis some gossip from behind the scenes with official’s any brown envelopes floating around.

  3. come on Dave and team GB… Is there anywhere to actually watch some footage short of getting on a plane?

  4. Insane MacLean

    Good luck to all of you guys skiing this week. Dave, bring home a 3rd World title and Em bring home your first.
    Best of luck to all of you.
    Dave ‘Insane’ MacLean

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