Skiers not making the trip

It’s a shame that a number of skiers haven’t been able for one reason or another to make the trip. Hopefully, we’ll see some of them when the Worlds next come round in 2010 when the comp is due to be held in Germany. A brief list follows (with apologies to any names accidentally omitted):

GB (Greg Meehan, Dan Goldie, Ben Harris, and Nicola Holmes); Germany (Christian Kurz, Lucas Heiss and Frank Renelt); Ireland (Andy and Ryan McDonald); Australia (Brett New and John Stekelenburg); USA (Lane Bowers, Rachel Normand, the Morrison brothers, the Benoist brothers); France (Patrick Wehner); Italy (Alessandra Magheri); Austria (Georg Wimmer); Netherlands (Devin Nolen)



2 responses to “Skiers not making the trip

  1. Well as i was so close to coming you forget ME, i deeply upset hurt and disturbed that a character like ME could be left of this list.


    Only kidding, Kick some Butt brits,

  2. Hi Matt, Oene, Dennis
    When are we going snowmobiling again.

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