World Rankings

In the lead-up to the Worlds, some of you might want to have a snap shot of the current World Rankings. As the WBC haven’t yet published these for 2008, here’s a list of the first 6 in each Division taken from the 2007 results. For a full list and individual scores in each discipline click on World Rankings.

Open Men

1. Heinrich Sam (RSA)

2. Andre De Villiers (RSA)

3. Keith St Onge (USA)

4. David Small (GBR)

5. Paul MacDonald (CAN)

6. William Brzoza (USA)

Open Women

1. Rachel Normand (USA)

2. Ashleigh Stebbings (AUS)

3. Elaine Heller (USA)

4.Nerissa Wright (AUS)

5. Laura Szwed (USA)

6. Emily Goldie (GBR)

Senior Men

1. Kevin Towers (USA)

2. Adin Daneker (USA)

3. Gordie Croteau (CAN)

4. John Stekelenburg (AUS)

5. Fred Groen (NZL)

6. Lane Bowers (USA)

Senior Women

1. Andrea Eggert (USA)

2. Michel Fabienne (FRA)

3. Betsy Anderson (USA)

4. Allesandra Magheri (ITA)

5. Jody Sherwood (USA)

6. Kay Wiser (USA)

Junior Boys

1. Heinrich Sam (RSA)

2. Garth Strydom (RSA)

3. Brody Benoist (USA)

4. Pascal Bauwens (RSA)

5. George Weekes (CAN)

6. Jamie Kumlien (USA)

Junior Girls

1. Ashleigh Stebbings (AUS)

2. Elaine Heller (USA)

3. Shannon Heller (USA)

4. Laura Dickers (AUS)

5. Nicole Blackmore (CAN)

6. Caitlyn Rowland (CAN)



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