Getting There and Missing Boat



Anyone got a Sat Nav?

OK it’s time to have a quick flip through the Championship Bulletins put out by the LOC to see if there’s anything worth highlighting. My attention was drawn to the rather startling question on the front of Bulletin No 1 – “New Zealand? Where the hell are we mate?” Well, all I can say is if you buggers don’t know, how the hell do you expect the rest of us to find you! And then there is the suggestion that we should all veer left when we hit Australia and keep on coming – a brilliant way of ensuring that the Americans and the Canadians end up in the Antarctic while the Europeans and the South Africans go to Japan! If  you do that guys, the only people who will make it to the comp will be Geoff Davis and his team of underarm bowlers from across the Tasman – do you really want that?  Of course not, so light beacons on the hills, so our pilots know when to lower the undercarriage.

GB Team lose boat

Word reaches me from Florida that someone has nicked the GB Team’s training boat. Fortunately the team’s CCTV system managed to get a photo of the alleged perpetrator and this is attached. Can anyone shed any light as to his identity or whereabouts of the GB Boat?worlds-2006-1731


2 responses to “Getting There and Missing Boat

  1. There is too much glare from around the top of his head, i cannot quite make him out 😉

  2. Perhaps Nicole can help out?

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