Only 2 weeks to go!

picture-051 T minus 2 weeks

Well it’s just over 2 weeks to go before the stars of the Barefoot Water Ski World meet up in Otaki, New Zealand – a great place to go to if you’ve had to put up with the Northern Hemisphere winter but I guess that skiing in St Anton over New Year isn’t a bad way to while away the time.   At the moment we don’t know the exact composition of the teams but the usual suspects are expected to be competing.   It’s interesting to see that for the first time there will be representation from China – I guess that having topped the medal table in the Olympics, they’re out to show that they can do anything!

In the meantime, for those of you who would like to catch up on some barefoot action, check out the cool videos on Barefoot Central featuring great performances from some of the stars – GB’s Emily Goldie can be seen playing a bit role in “Jungle Boogie”.picture-003

One more thing, we need a good stock of “kiwi” jokes for use when we get to NZ so contributions welcome.


2 responses to “Only 2 weeks to go!

  1. Good luck team, hope you guys have an awesome time out there and kick some arse. FYI last week was the coldest week in the UK for 30 years !!! You are in the right place. Keep us in the loop with scores etc as they unfold.

  2. Ian
    Great job I am sure the GB team will do us pround, especially the senior members as they have not had the luxuary of warm winter training just ice skating at Lydd.

    Wish I could be there with you but unfortunatley I have a new hobby called work, it is a very strange sort of game, people ask you to do stuff which you have to do then tthey give you money, weird but am getting used to it.

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