Welcome to the Barefoot World Championships 2009


The  Barefoot Water Ski World Championships are due to be held between 25th January and 1st February at Lake Inspiration, Otaki, New Zealand.   According to the latest Championship bulletin teams have been entered from Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, USA, Sweden and of course New Zealand.   Further details on the NZ Barefoot Water Ski Club website.

The GB Team is composed of David Small (double World Champion and World Jump recordholder), Emily Goldie (European Champion), Simon Raine, Aiden Finch and Hannah Bullard with Paul Turner as team manager.   Late dropouts were Greg Meehan (credit crunch), Ben Harris (cracked pelvis) and Dan Goldie (uni swot).   The team have been getting in a fair amount of pre-comp training in Florida so here’s hoping for good results in NZ!   They’re also planning to smash the Aussies at Texas Hold’em poker so watch out guys!


6 responses to “Welcome to the Barefoot World Championships 2009

  1. Ian, you are a legend!! This is a wicked idea and if could be kept up to date throughout the Worlds then im sure that a lot of people would find it very helpful!!! Looking forward to seeing you out there and having Team GB on site in force!!

  2. I agree with Dave comment, Jane and Pascal have anly been gone for a couple of hours and I feel left out, unfortunutaly I will not be present this one but hope with this wonderfull consept to be able to follow the event


  3. Good to hear from you Marc and sorry to hear that you won’t be attending. Will try to keep it regularly updated so you won’t feel too left out!

  4. This is a brilliant idea Ian. Wish I could be out there with you lot! How did the first round of skiing go?


  5. just looked at first day results. God I wish I was there come on Dave and Emily, keep it up. The sport needs to be televised.

  6. ian im loving this.. wanna know results, fill me in!!!! em and dave smash it up

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