GBR Medals at Worlds 2009

n1061162799_350149_5162Dave Small and Emily Goldie, GB Barefoot’s 2 Open skiers brought back 3 medals at this year’s World Championships in New Zealand, Dave with Gold in Jump and Bronze in Slalom and Emily with Bronze in the Open Women’s Overall.   The GB Open Team, comprising Dave, Emily, Hannah Bullard and Aiden Finch came 4th Overall behind USA, South Africa and Australia.    Go GB and have a safe trip home!!!!!


General Update

Well the World Championships are over and we’re back in Wellington about to attend the Closing Ceremony and Party.   Scores for the Finals to be confirmed later this evening but it looks as though Keith St Onge has won the Men’s Overall Title and Slalom, Heinrich Sam has won Tricks and David Small has won Jump.   In Open Women, Ashleigh Stebbeings has won the Overall, Slalom and Jump and Elaine Heller has won Tricks.

For a general update up to and including Friday, 30th Jan with details of how the comp unfolded, visit the Barefoot Central Worlds Update where you will also find links to the Canadian and Australian Team Journals.

Open Women’s Tricks Semis – Video footage from the boat

Party Time Barefoot Style!

After a long day on the water, even our barefoot athletes like to unwind.   Your roving reporter and his photographer were there to catch the action!

Open Finals Tomorrow!

The last day of the World Barefoot Championships 2009 at Lake Inspiration, Otaki, New Zealand will see all the Open Finals (Men and Women).  We’ve got a fantastic day of skiing ahead of us followed by the Closing Ceremony and Party back in Wellington.   The outcome of the Team Competition has already been settled and in the Open Division the results were as follows:

1.USA 8030

2. RSA 7711

3. AUS 7555

4. GBR 6324

5. CAN 6028

6. NZL 5817

7. GER 4673

8. FRA 4484

9. CHN 3491

10 SWE 1110

11 HOL 952

12 FIN 323

Based on results in the Open prelims and semis the running order tomorrow and the scores that got the skiers into the finals are as follows:

Open Women:


1. Laura Szwed (USA) 11.6

2. Emily Goldie (GBR) 12.1

3. Kelly O’Donnell (NZL) 12.7

4. Elaine Heller (USA) 12.9

5. Ashleigh Stebbeings (AUS) 13.7


1. Shannon Heller (USA) 1800

2. Emily Goldie (GBR) 2150

3. Elaine Heller (USA) 2220

4. Laura Szwed (USA) 2350

5. Ashleigh Stebbeings (AUS) 2930


1. Laura Szwed (USA) 11.8

2. Heather Towers (USA) 12.2

3. Svenja Hempleman (GER) 12.8

4. Elaine Heller (USA) 13.0

5. Ashleigh Stebbeings (AUS) 14.0

Open Men:


1. Terry Gregory (GER) 23.6

2. Heinrich Sam (RSA) 23.7

3. Keith St Onge (USA) 23.7

4. Andre De Villiers (RSA) 25.8

5. David Small (GBR) 26.4


1. Zane De Villiers (RSA) 8250

2. Paul McDonald (CAN) 8350

3. Andre De Villiers (RSA) 10,080

4. Heinrich Sam (RSA) 11750

5. Keith St Onge (USA) 12,450


1. Andre De Villiers (RSA) 18.0

2. Billy Brzoza (USA) 18.4

3. Heinrich Sam (RSA) 19.6

4. David Small (GBR) 19.8

5. Keith St Onge (USA) 20.4

Barefoot Groupy

The migration has started and increasing numbers of this species can be seen on the banks of Lake Inspiration!dsc00003

Open Men Tricks Semifinalists

Spit Roast and Auction Night

A great night with great food and great auctioneering by the likes of Rob Groen, Richard Gray and Peter O’Neil with generous contributions all round.   Fortunately all photos have been censored!   What happens at the Worlds stays at the Worlds!

Footnfotos – Great action Shots at Barefoot Worlds

You can have a look at some great action shots taken by Stuart Fafeita of Footnfotos – click on Footnfotos and enjoy!   Keep up the good work Stuart.

Seniors have fun! Photos

The following photos were taken of competitors in the Senior Men/Women’s Tricks semis: